Milagrosa, Need I Say More?

There is nothing urban about the legend of Milagrosa. Eighteen MTBR riders met in Tucson last Thursday to experience the miraculous Milagrosa trail in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Bug Springs and Prison Camp were perfect appetizers for the main course, Milagrosa.

In all my years living in Phoenix, I’ve never taken the bike further south than Casa Grande. I’ve been living so close to a mountain biking mecca and never really knew it. Sure I’d heard of great riding in Tucson, but hearing and riding is like the difference between seeing and tasting.

I no longer need to drive to Moab to get an epic singletrack fix. Milagrosa is the trail of many colors. The initial climb, the switchbacks, the drops, the chutes, the waterfall, rock gardens a plenty… It’s rough, it’s smooth, it’s fast, it’s slow, it’s all my favorite trails combined into one, and it just keeps going down, down, down.

Between the three trails, I tasted sections of the Ridge Trail 157 in the Wasatch, Porcupine Rim, and Boy Scout in Bootleg Canyon. My take on Milagrosa: the best of every trail I’ve ever ridden are only the previews for Milagrosa. I agree with Chad, this has got to be the best shuttle run in all of Arizona.

I’ll be back. A couple of sections will haunt me ’till I clean them. Tacking on the Green Mountain portion sounds even better. A little more climbing, a lot more descending. Milagrosa, a living legend.