Bontrager Super Juice Tubeless Sealant

bontrager super juiceI will never be able to say enough about Bonti Super Juice. I made the switch to tubeless over a year ago I have not had a flat on the trail since. I’ve deserved many a flats with all the cactus spines that find their way in to my tires and legs…but with superjuice spinning round my wheels I don’t even worry about it.

I did have to refuel my rear tire, a Maxxis Larsen TT, after about six months. Removing cactus spines after every ride does take it toll on the juice. The tire started to lose air after each ride so I injected it with 3 oz of the elixer and I’m flying leak-free. I use about an ounce more in each tire that the recommended dosage. All for good measure – all for Arizona.

The price tag for Super Juice is about twice that for Slime or True Goo or Stan’s. But Super Juice is worth her weight in contained air, a priceless possession on the mountain. Thanks Bonti Super Juice for keeping my rims off the ground.

Just for kicks, I’m going to give Stan’s a spin. I’ll post a review and see how it compares to the Super Juice. Until then you can read this debate on the MTBR forums.

Stan’s versus Super Juice

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