I Should Stick to Mountain Biking…

The bike and my broken legAn unfortunate crash on my brother’s dirt bike while on vacation in Utah has left me gimping around on crutches for a few weeks.

I broke my fibula at the ankle. I’ve crashed a hundred times on my mountain bike and never broke a bone. One ride on a dirt bike and I break a leg!

So here I am, forced to sit out the last few months of temperate riding in Arizona…by the time I’m back on the bike it’ll be June and hot.

At least there is plenty of virtual riding to be had…I’ll be strapping on that virtual helmet and spinning through MTBmovies.com.

One thought on “I Should Stick to Mountain Biking…

  • February 26, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    Dude for the record your crash was the greatest ever. Just breaking you in the best sport on earth! Dirt biking is for real men. Peddling is for weenies! Just kidding, my lungs and legs would explode before I could even have a chance of keeping up with you on a trail. We need to get you back on the bike!

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