Arizona Mountain Biking

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  • Thanks for the comment Kerrick. I’d be happy to share the location of the Shaka Saguaro with you and very interested in helping you with any story for Arizona Highways. I’ll shoot you an email.

  • I’m working on a story for Arizona Highways on crested saguaros, so your image of the Shaka Saguaro caught my eye in a big way! Can you give me an idea where this would be? Or, would you like to be photographed riding up to the Shaka for a magazine feature? I can arrange to keep it’s actual location secret so it is not overrun or damaged…
    I’ve shot for Arizona Highways for 20+ years, have had their cover 13 times and done close to 40 features for them. I also contribute to other publications and am always looking for people doing great rides, hikes and climbs around Arizona and the Southwest. Check out my name website, address above. I look forward to hearing from you! Kerrick James

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