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4 thoughts on “Top of the World, Whistler

  • Did you ride the top of the world. If so how did it compare to national trail minus the waterfall?

    Going in June and the top of the world looks amazing!

    Soooo excited!

  • Mike,

    Great content and site. It’s quite apparent that you are an avid Arizonan mountain biker. Have you ever checked out the Slippery Pig Bike Shop in Phoenix? They specialize in mountain biking. Erik Angermeier, the shop owner has been on the cutting edge of mountain biking since it became a popular sport.

    I recently wrote about the Slippery Pig in my blog on biking. It may be a good resource for you and your viewers.


  • Matt, Thanks for kickin’ the tires of the website :) Yes I am still riding, How could I not? Perfect weather, beautiful AZ desert trails…I just don’t have much time to write about the adventures. I’ll get back into the review groove soon. Thanks again for checking in.

  • Mike, we’re in need of some ride updates, stories and trail reviews….
    Are you still out there riding?

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