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Away too long

OK. Now that you all know San Tan is Dynamite… we can move on.

Apologies for the post drought. Work, family, sleep, and too many road rides have put a damper on my relationship with the mountain. Now that 12 of my last 15 rides have been on the road…I know there is something is wrong with me. I’ve been resisting the urge to buy lycra. Here are some shots from the past few months…

When the Saguaro were blooming I watched the bees swarm out on Wild Horse. No Strava KOMs to brag about here, but I did get a few runs in at the pit. Reminded me of Whistler days

I rode Olympus to National to Bees. Killer climbing. Love getting to West National this way. I bombed down the big stuff on National with ease, then crashed on a easy turn on the buff singletrack!

Praying Saguaro midway up Mount Olympus.

Went to Sedona! for a family wedding. I was jealous of all the riders I saw…

I did manage to find 15 minutes to swing by Over The Edge Sedona and check out their new shop. “Super D” had a good time… I rode a RIP 9 out on the pump track for a few minutes…I’ll be back to OTE Sedona soon for the full demo.

San Tan Shadow

San Tan


Road Buddies

Sweet plate I recently saw. The sweet roof rack up top gives away this is a Rad Biker, not a rad baker.

The Road Ends here. More mountain biking ahead of me this summer. Plans for Sedona, Mogollon Rim, maybe Flag, maybe Utah

2 thoughts on “Away too long

  • Great pictures man, you make me hungry for a run with my bike also.

  • Some sweet shots there. I hope the mountain takes you back with open arms :) Looking forward to your further posts.

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