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My old friend, Trail 100

I hit up some old trails this week after work. Old to me, anyway. I hadn’t ridden the west side of T-100 in over a decade. Time to revisit some of my stomping grounds. Let me tell you, this ride was the most fun I’ve had on the bike in a while. I had forgotten about how fun it is to ride the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Fun as in, carefree cruising through singletrack and light tech with a permagrin on my face. There are still so many other trails to ride out there, I think I have found a new post work ride…

Thank you, random mountain biker, for making this shot much better than the one I shot two seconds earlier.

My photographic abilities could not do this light justice. But I had to try. At the top of widow maker descent. I stopped halfway down to snap more pictures, winning me the last place finish on the Strava Leaderboard… there needs to be a place to add an asterisk to your time… called I’m slow because… with a drop-down menu for all the excuses… taking pictures will be he only valid one.