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Helipad TT on Strava

About 3 years ago I started up the Helipad TT to keep track of the fastest times up Helipad at South Mountain. GPS wasn’t as wide spread, mapping applications were still in their early years…well now we have Strava.

All you have to do is ride fast with your GPS (or the Strava App) upload and you can see how fast (or slow) you really are. If you don’t have a lot of spare time on your hands, don’t get into Strava. It’s all you will think about once you’ve tasted a KOM. You can find segments all over the valley and compare your times with other riders. It’s time trialing for the masses. Every ride you go on is a virtual race…

Currently the Strava segment for Helipad has only 43 riders. And the best times do not include the sub 6 minute runs by the following riders in 2009:

1 – 5:04 – Jeff Herrera – 31-Dec
2 – 5:25 – Neal Wright – 13-Sept
3 – 5:26 – Kimo Seymour – 17-Jun
4 – 5:28 – Rich Kocher 5-Jul
5 – 5:37 – Rich Weis (TASER/Kenda/Tomac) – 7-Aug
6 – 5:42 – Aaron Walker (ADub) – 2-Aug
7 – 5:45 – Rob Decot – 30-Dec
8 – 5:57 – Jay Rapson (jaybird) – 5-Aug
9 – 5:59 – Scott Adams – 17-Dec

If you have your GPS tracks from a previous Helipad TT run…sign up for a free Strava account and upload it! Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Helipad TT on Strava

  • Now that I’ve found Strava I have ride all my favorite trails again and actually try to go fast… Every ride is now a race. Not sure that is a good thing :D

  • Strava is like crack to us type A personalities! Almost ruins my day when a KOM is peeled from my fingertips! lol….

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