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Lost Goldmine Tech Loop

Chatter yesterday on the MTBR Arizona Forum about a new section of trail in the Gold Canyon area got me out of a warm bed on a chilly and moist Arizona morning, to explore… I met up with ChaseCo at Apacheland, and we set out to find the “Tech Loop.”

After casually climbing cougar we picked up pace on Lost Goldmine, soaked up the views from the top of K-trail before dropping into the roller coaster ride… The Tech Loop was a bit further down K-trail than we thought, but it’s easy enough to spot as long as you stay on K.

The Tech Loop is named for the tech features that are weaved into the trail. By no means is tech trail a continuous stretch of technical terrain, but more scattered tech features along the classic K-trail flowiness. Challenging features indeed, multiple lines. A great little spot to session. I can’t wait to get back to hit a few more spots when it’s not so Bon Jovi out there.

By the end of the ride, blue sky started making its way over the Supes. This place will always amaze me.

Lost Goldmine Tech Loop at EveryTrail

4 thoughts on “Lost Goldmine Tech Loop

  • Nice to run into you on the trail too Andrew. It makes my day when I meet riders that use my site to find new trails to ride. Rock on!

  • Andrew

    Great to run into you yesterday on the trail! Rode Cougar to Lost Gold Trail to K-line, tech loops, quartz ridge, back up the jeep road, and back to cloudview trail head on the lost trail. Great ride, Awesome scenery. It was my first time out near the superstitions and I will for sure go back. Thanks for the great updates! Hope to see you out there again!

  • Great pics; it’s like you were riding in the clouds out there. Such an awesome site you have here. Thanks for all the effort.

  • I rode the Tech loop on Sat. I think I was the first non-trailbuilder to ride the trail, well that is what they told me anyways when they where putting up the sign :) It was fun. I started at Cloudview trailhead parking lot, I never figured out where Apacheland is, I am guessing it is the spot where the yellow gate and has like 3 parking spots for cars?

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