Arizona Mountain Biking
Goldfield Mountains


Riding the Goldfields is like having my very own personal time machine. One that can only take me back to the mid 1800s. But I’m not searching for gold – I’m seeking singletrack…The hills out here are alive with history, wildlife and endless adventure. Just let the primitive horsetrail be your guide. All you have to do is follow.

My first ride out this way was more than three years ago. This place always called out to me. I had to see what was in them mountains. I’ve only been out a half dozen times or so, but each has been an adventure.

I once thought that the Goldfields could be a regular ride for mountain bikers, but now I know that only the truly adventurous will come out to soak up the Superstition views from this vantage. I saw one other set of tracks this time. An adventurer for sure. Perhaps is was the spirit of Everett Ruess? There is plenty of Beauty in the Goldfields to go around. Come out and see for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Gold

  • Tomas, I’ve been keeping up with Sedona riding through OTE Sedona’s facebook posts. I want to get up there this spring. I think about the HHH all the time….

  • Looks nice out there. Sedona riding has been great as well. Remember when we did the HHH a few years ago? There is still more to explore.

  • Thanks for the comments Ben. It’s compliments like yours that keep me inspired to keep my site alive. Enjoy the new bike!

  • Mike,

    I love what you are doing with your site. After some dabbling I finally took the plunge and bought an entry level bike to get started with some of the trails out by me here in the west valley. The info that ou have compiled here is really great and I look forward to getting out on some of these trails. Thanks.


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