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Casa Grand Mountain Revisited

The last ride of the year…where to go? Classic Hawes? Climbing at South Mountain? Casa Grande popped into my head. I hadn’t been out that way for at least a year. There is some new trail out there that I had not ridden yet. I heard it was good.

The Ridge Trail is the sparkling new gem that was planned out by Mark Flint and built entirely by volunteers. It is beautiful bench cut trail, midway up the mountain. Moderate tech, some nice climbs and magnificent views. While riding I was reminded of the Goat Camp Loop Mesquite trail, and the FINS Grunt Trail.

There’s got to be a story behind this prop, found on the south end of the Ridge Trail Difficult…

Love my new Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell I got for Christmas. It’s so much fun to ring I rang it constantly.

3 thoughts on “Casa Grand Mountain Revisited

  • I rode there today for the first time…Nice trails. There where a couple of big groups of hikers on Ridge Trail but they where all nice and let me pass, I saw about 5 mtn bikers also. The south side of the park has a lot of trash, I guess it was Butte trail. Also on Butte trail I ran into what seemed to be a recently fired box of shot gun shells and they left the box also. It would be cool if off Ridge Trail they could create a trail up to the top of the mtn and have it run on top, like National Trail, but then I realized there is a shooting range and trap range on west side so maybe this is not possible. Thanks for mentioning the trails, you made me want to check it out, I will go back.

  • Bill, since the city has officially opened up the park the shooting is not as big an issue. You’ll still hear shots from the shooting range on the west side of the mountain, and even a few from the south outside the park, but the shooting into the park has subsided. It’s not all together gone though. The city and Round Trip Bikes continue to address the problem. It will just take time.

  • Some of the stuff I have read said to be aware of the shooting. Is this still an issue??

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