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The Whistler Effect

Fifty-eight days without a proper ride on the mountain bike. Its’ been at least a decade since I let that happen. Yes, let that happen. No injuries, nothing keeping me off the bike. In fact, I got in a few road rides during that time…but we all know that road riding doesn’t count.

I’m calling it the Whistler effect. After riding the the happiest place on earth for three days, I come home and can’t muster the energy to pedal my bike anywhere. I got way too comfortable riding the lift up. In fact, the most energy I did expend was when I had to lift the Kona Supreme Operator up onto the hook as the fourth bike.

Well, my senses finally came around and I am getting back on a ride schedule. My first adventure was a nice mellow climb with some sweet tech reward. Javelina to National, then back down Natty.

I’ve been down National enough times to know what I can and can’t ride. Or so I thought. Since this was my first ride since Whistler, as I climbed I saw saw the trail through Whistler eyes…That’s not that big of a drop….I could do that…whoah, where did that drop come from, I bet I could fly off that….just need the speed…

On the descent, those Whistler eyes spotted all the B-lines I usually pass up and I hit them. I was amazed what a little confidence did for me on the descent. National is a whole new game for me now. Thank you Whistler for teaching me how to huck.

Javalina National at EveryTrail

6 thoughts on “The Whistler Effect

  • Welcome back to the fold Mike!! Keep ‘wriding’, there’s more than 3 out there!!

  • Most excellent post, dood.

    Losing the groove to ride, kinda sucks, but getting back in the saddle rules.

  • Wife, neighbor and best friend. As long as three people read my blog, I guess I’ll keep writing.

    Sweetie, you should come to SoMo with me this winter and take pics of me hucking off the rocks…

    Chris, I will now write my posts as if I am speaking only to you. You may not get much of my MTB slang, so I’ll try to dumb it down for you my roadie friend.

    Eric, the session is a sweet bike. How about you buy it and I just “borrow” it for a couple of years? Thanks for Big Red. I’ll give it back next year… maybe.

  • Oh Crystal, so young and innocent.

    Michael, good to have you back in the blogging world. I’ve been missing your posts.

  • crystal.

    What does huck mean?

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