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No Longer Spineless

I knew rain was in the forecast but it didn’t matter. I was riding Wednesday afternoon. My first and only chance this week to get out and smell winter in Phoenix.

I met an out-of-stater in the 46th street lot and we set off together to climb National to the waterfall. It was a good climb for me. I felt good, dabbed a few too many times but hey, not every climb can be perfect. We hit the Waterfall and started scoping lines. I pointed out to my new friend the three most traveled lines, the spine, to the right and to the left of the spine, as well as the far left chunk the Downhillers make look easy.

Blair rode down the right side of the spine. He nailed it.

From Waterfall Ride Photo credit: Thanks Blair S.

I decided to take my chances and go for the spine. I could ride to the right and to the left, but every previous attempt at the spine looked pretty much like this:

After I slow-rolled my way down, this super talented rider comes a blazing and shows us how water falls from the waterfall…

After splashing down the falls a few more times just for fun, he showed us a super b-line spine that was insane.

I always leave National feeling like it’s the end of a vacation. I am so lucky to have a vacation spot so close. Feeling the cool air on this ride was the perfect welcome to winter in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Spine Ride National at EveryTrail

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  • He was also riding a Giant Faith which has a ton more travel. Big travel bikes eat up places like National.

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