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Pass to Pass and Back

Saturday afternoon ride on the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Windgate to Bell Pass Out-n-Back, fueled by In-n-Out.

Windgate to Bell Pass at EveryTrail

The climb up Windgate is magnificent. Moderately technical, steep and it keeps going up, up, up. There are a few breathers, but it is a challenge.

I met this little guy on the way up.

You can see Tom’s Thumb trail cut into the mountain ahead. I wanted to tack on Tom at the end of this ride. But alas it was too late to start up by the time I finished both passes. Just as well, with this camera, it felt like I was already up there.

Refreshing rest.

Looking Eastbound into the Goldfields reminds me that I need to get back out there and continue my exploration.

Photo inspired by Chad Brown. I’m not the caliber photographer or rider he is, but his pictures and adventures inspire me to keep climbing.

5 thoughts on “Pass to Pass and Back

  • Mike,

    Give me a call when you ride the McDowell trails again! They are right in my backyard and I know them perfectly, including into the Ftn Hills side. I’d love to ride with someone.

  • Chad. I see you’ll be doing plenty of climbing out this way December 11. If I can clear the day I’ll join the group. I’d love to get 60 miles in out there. I might not make it all 60 but it will be an adventure trying!

  • Ashleigh,

    Welcome to Phoenix! I’m sure you will enjoy the year-round mountain biking. For trail suggestions just click through this site until you find a trail that interests you. I do recommend the Hawes Loops if you have not explored our there yet:

    Happy riding!

  • Chad Brown

    Can’t wait to get up there and do some of my own climbing in the McDowell’s! Thanks for the afternoon stoke for the ride home :)

  • I was doing some trail research online today and your blog came up. My husband and I moved here in August from Utah and we have tried to do some exploring on our mountain bikes. We have gone to Mcdowell mountain and south mountain. Any suggestions or recommendations of fun trails? I’m more of an intermediate rider and my hubs is a bit better. We’re in the Phoenix area. Thanks!

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