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Early Morning National

National at EveryTrail

East Loop >> Beverly >> Javelina >> Mormon >> National >> Rest at the Saddle >> National >> Pima >> Chocolate Milk.

Great morning to be out. Ran into Harry doing repeats on Javelina. Good to see a friend sweating as much as me at 6 AM.

Got chased by a giant fly for a half mile. I couldn’t climb fast enough to rid myself of the thing. It must be the new shampoo. Why I even use shampoo is a mystery in itself. Last week the wasps were swarming me at the park and the pool. Note to self: No more new shampoo. You don’t even have enough hair to warrant its use.

Sketched big time trying to ride the spine. Lost all confidence after three attempts down the waterfall. Maybe next time. I can ride to the right and to the left of the spine, just not the spine… I tried to ride the chunk to the far left too. Sketch. Looks easy enough, almost had the drop-in but stepped out. My motto: “Next time.” I’ll session a climb five or six time to get it, but for some reason three is my max on descents.

Punctured my new Weirwolf with a hole too big for Stans while simultaneously tore the sidewall…those sharp Arizona rocks…Thank goodness for a spare slime tube and three cartridges of CO2 (thanks to the 59cent sale at Global Bikes a few weeks ago).

Shot some good video, not great, just good. I didn’t hit any of the hucks down National. If only climbing real slow and technical made great video…

It was a fun ride, I just didn’t have any game descending. My brakes were bothering me. Yea, that’s my excuse. They were squishy and need a bleed. But that’s OK, there is always “next time.”

Best part of the ride…the frozen chocolate milk waiting for me in the car that had just thawed out completely by the time I finished. So cold, so delicious. Best post-ride drink ever. Thank you Chocolate and thank you Milk.

4 thoughts on “Early Morning National

  • Sorry Matt. Has it really been three weeks? I just started working a new job. I need some time to acclimate. I’ll get back to writing as soon as I get back to riding! At least that’s the plan. Thanks for the note though. I should at least post something. I did ride Hawes last week, shot some great footage…

  • I having withdrawals…it’s been over 3 weeks without an update.

  • was the giant that big, I mean really big guy that is always on south mountain? You would think just an obese man, but this guy really moves. Not just for a guy his size, but he moves for a normal sized biker.

  • that downhill was awesome……i think that fly just wanted a zoomie ride down national

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