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National Makes Top 10 List

Jeff Corwin’s Top Mountain Biking Trails in North America.

National makes the list. Can you guess who the National rider is? I was contacted a few months ago and asked to provide some footage of National. I gave them tons of stuff including helmet cam footage and these two clips are what they used: the steps and upper waterfall.

The clip was featured on Race to the Moment, a family reality game show in the outdoors hosted by Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin. Cool. More exposure for mountain biking in Arizona!

My clips don’t hardly do National justice. But this video sure does. Enjoy:

South Mountain Widow Maker from SOMO on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “National Makes Top 10 List

  • Mitchell

    you would be surprised what your $90 target bike can do! haha. i have a Giant Bolder with $40 discount rims. its an old hard tail and i rode from the 46st lot up mormon, down national, and back javelina. easily the most exhilarating trail I’ve ridden in arizona. granted it wasn’t the most comfortable ride… haha

  • South Mountain is pretty RAD. I think that Mormon up and Natty down cant be beat! Every time I see that video I feel like FREERIDING! Too bad MY bike wont make it down that grade!!? Weyless XP is just as bad as Jeff’s POS!

  • I agree with the bike comments…… would NEVER make it down National in one piece. In fact, it likely wouldn’t make it out and back on Desert Classic!

  • I noticed immediatly that poor Jeff was on a $90 target special. Kinda like doing a special on NASCAR vehicals and rolling up in a yugo. That bike wouldnt make it down national in one piece.

  • Ha! Yes, Jeff Corwin should have stepped up his game to present the top 10 trails in North America. He’s even wearing a belt!

  • i can’t guess the rider, but does that guy work for UPS?

  • somebody needs to get mr. corwin on a much better bike.

    and: what’s the ‘downieville downill’ exactly?

    otherwise, well deserved commendations for your trail! i’ve always enjoyed it.

  • Nice! National is pretty awesome – really need to get back out there… still looking for a better ride too :/

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