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East Mesa Epic


From East Mesa Epic

East Mesa Epic

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From East Mesa Epic

Yesterday was a triumph for me on the bike. Hawes to Peralta trailhead. 60 miles, sunrise to sunset in the saddle. A direct route would have been about 45, but I wanted to push myself so I added a few trails along the way. Climbing the Mine trail, Moon Rock tail in Usery, and the full Pass Mountain loop.

I’d planned about 10 more miles of singletrack in the Lost Goldmine area, but light was really fading on me so I cut those out. Options are good on a long ride…

Biggest mistake of the day: not drinking enough water in the beginning. At 30 miles, just finishing up Pass Mountain I cramped up and had to take a 20 minute decramping break. After eating and drinking I continued onward at a slower even pace.

Best decision of the day (there were actually two): First. mile 42 I decided to make a 2 mile detour and head to the Ray Ruiz Marina Snack Bar and gift shop. A chocolate shake and a hot dog really hit the spot, not to mention the refill on water as I was out. Second, deciding to skip the Lost Goldmine miles and just head straight to Peralta before dark, achieving my goal even though it was not 70 miles like I wanted.

Biggest time waster of the day: Taking so many pictures. I could have put in more miles if I just didn’t stop so much for the sake of a shot. My pictures aren’t even that good, so next time I’ll do it in the fall when it won’t be so gorgeous and green out.

It’s also amazing I had no mechanicals, no falls, no injuries. Simply, I can’t believe I stayed on the bike all day, especially when the last 15 miles was the most technical of the day. Lost Goldmine West! That trail is tough when I am fresh, throw in 50 miles worth of used up legs and it was even more of a beast. By that point I was close enough that nothing was going to stop me, except the setting sun. But I beat that sunset.

Then I hitched a ride from Peralta to Walgreens with some really nice hikers, and met my family who took me home. Couch, dinner and a movie with my wife: the perfect end to a perfect day.

Some of the better shots:

From East Mesa Epic
From East Mesa Epic
From East Mesa Epic
From East Mesa Epic
From East Mesa Epic

8 thoughts on “East Mesa Epic

  • Nice job Mike! Finally put it all together and it sounds like a great success. I cant wait to get out and do it myself.

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  • congrats!!! you are The First!!! Cant wait to look at the gpx.

  • Impressive…nice job!

  • shane dunlap


    Those pics are incredible. Your ride catapults you to Mountain Biking Ninja status. Well done man.

  • Great update! Sounds like you had an awesome day, man. Thanks for making it back safe and sharing the pics!

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