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Focus Crit

My road buddy was racing the Focus Criterium yesterday so I took my film crew (kids) and headed out to see what these crits are all about… Man, was it cool to watch the cyclists fly by so fast. My buddy did really well. Watch the vid to see some of the action.

Warning: Only watch if you are not offended by Spandex. I’m building up an immunity to it, but it is taking time.

4 thoughts on “Focus Crit

  • Nice work Chris. Of course, the guys that got taken out in the last turn were technically the first loosers, yours came a few seconds later :o) Sad to say I was the 13th looser.

    Thanks for coming out and adding to the race and the fun. I hope you liked the venue, we’ve had such a good response we’re already trying to get another one in this season instead of waiting until next year.

    Great photos and video – glad you overcame your fear of lycra and came out!

    Go ride!

  • Scott, I take it you were a first or second loser? I should try a crit sometime and be a loser too.

  • I’m a loser…

  • 2nd place is the first loser!!!

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