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Silly Mountain
...and getting caught in the rain.

I planned a sweet lunch ride for today to include some new trails out in west South Mountain. DCX, Ruins, National, Mine Drop… had the makings for some sweet blooming singletrack, steep HAB climbing and wicked loose descending.

But as I got closer and closer to the TH the imminent downpour turned to plain downpour. I was riding right into the storm. I called the audible and flipped a U-turn, heading back to the East Valley where it didn’t look to be raining…yet.

In the car, a couple of hours to kill, surrounded by rain…where to ride? The only place that even hinted to be “less wet” was Silly Mountain. I decided to get there, ride the quick 2 mile loop and call it good. Timing was just right, a slow drizzle started as I approached the TH. I geared up inside the car as the drizzle, drizzled out.

The sun popped out and I took the queue, launched off into the forgotten trails at Silly Mountain Park… the system is fun, about 4 miles of loops, some tech, great views. As I reached the mile mark I saw a spur that looked interesting…so I took it. Fun, loose techy descent followed by pristine singletrack up and around the north east part of the mountain. Fun stuff but I think I was out of the park boundaries.

As I started to make my way back into the park, the rain hit hard. If I had only stuck to my two mile loop, I would have avoided the floods. But there is something to be said for the fun you can have getting caught in the rain. The desert just smells so good right now. The flowers are creeping out, ready to pop over the next week or so.

As I write this the sun is out and it’s clearing up. Just in time for AZSF 2010. I’m looking forward to some good rides the rest of the week.

Superstition View Trail
Superstition View Trail