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SoMo Towers

South Mountain TV Towers

For some reason the road has been calling me and the towers up on South Mountain were singing like Sirens to my ears. With a break in the weather yesterday, Big Red and I set out for my first road summit to the towers of South Mountain. I’ve ridden the road to Holbert on my mountain bike, so I knew the grade and pitch well enough… but to finally ride to the actual towers on a proper road bike was really, really fun.

I opted to start at the first giant lot off central and spin out the San Jaun leg as a warm up. Truly beautiful scenery and the fact that this six mile stretch is closed to cars makes it that much sweeter. As I rode I couldn’t help but look up to the grandeur of the mountains on either side of me and think about National tucked away up on the ridgeline to the south…and reminisce the tour de Somo last spring, or look to the north and see the chunky ridgeline that holds the infamous Alta trail I still need to explore… I do admit that when I whizzed by the Alta trailhead I wished I was on my MTB and could enjoy suffering up that beast…

Once I settled into the quite flow of the pavement I was happy to be on the road. Climbing to the Towers was a blast. It was my first real sustained climb on Big Red since I got him in September on loan from my buddy in Colorado who is now head deep in Snow. Thanks Suave. You rule for lending me your sturdy steed.

What is did not expect was how much fun descending the mountain would be. I took it easy, reluctant to push 40 as it was my first time descending on this bike. During the entire ride not more than 15 cars passed me on the climb and just a couple on the descent. I shot some footage on the VholdR , maybe I’ll post some boring road video later…

Now I really have the bug to do the classic Road climbs: EOP, 9 mile, Camelback, and of course the loops around Usery/Bush/Las Sendas. My buddy Chris has done them all and is all too eager to get me out on the Road more. Once I check these rides off my list we’ll see how I feel. Until then, back to planning the East Mesa Epic…

South Mountain Towers

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4 thoughts on “SoMo Towers

  • 9 mile is on the radar. I’ll let you know when I plan to ride.

    Thanks for the offer on the roubaix. I would be interested if it was a 56. Dirt cheap is the only way I’ll get into a lighter bike.

    And thanks for the compliments on my site. It’s words like that that keep me doing this. You rule.

  • I’m dying to check out 9mile hill as well, heard a lot of good things about it. I also heard it’s good to go w/a buddy or group because it can get pretty windy through the pass – keep us posted if you decide to go and maybe some of us can link up w/ya :)

    PS: I have an 06′ Specialized roubaix (size 54) with full 105 i’m selling dirt cheap if you are in the market for something a little lighter

    PPS: thanks for doing such an awesome job with this site, most the time after I read an article I can’t help but suit up and ride, very motivational! :)

  • Ha. Big Red is not for the weight weenies for sure. I love hm though. My weight plus the bike and we still weigh less than 90 percent of the roadies out there with 16 lb. bikes! Good training indeed. I will ride for you.

  • Suave

    Too bad that Big Red weighs more than your Mtn Bike. At least it is good training. Giver her a spin for me!

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