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Titus Demo Day at Hawes

Titus Rockstar

Last Saturday I hit up the Titus Demo Day at Hawes. I had one thing in mind…riding the Rockstar. Right from the moment I hopped in the saddle I felt at home. I seriously either get a good vibe or a bad vibe from a bike as soon as I sit on it…and the medium Rockstar really felt like it was made just for me. (I’m 5’11 150 lbs.)

I’ve been demoing 29ers now for a while, I think I’ve ridden most of the major brands, Santa Cruz Tallboy, Niner Rip 9, Turner Sultan, Pivot Mach 429, Specialized Stumpy 29er and Epic 29er… let’s see I know there are more… Kona Hei Hei 2-9, Rocky Mountain Altitude 29, Gary Fisher Superfly 29…that’s a pretty good line up (I still need to ride the W.F.O. and the Lenz bikes). To tell the truth I loved them all (at least the 29 part of them all). I’m not an expert in recognizing the subtle differences in the bikes, I just ride them, roll them and turn them over chunk, and base my gut on how the ride feels.

Maybe the Rockstar feels sooooo good because it is the freshest in my mind, but maybe it just plain Rocks. I definitely recommend throwing a leg over a Rockstar if you are serious about converting to 29ers. Below are some clips of my day with Titus.Just for fun, I grabbed a bright orange El Guapo with a coil shock and spun it up Las Sendas to the top of Hawes (only one roadie passed me and he was going 1 mile an hour faster than me). Hawes isn’t near enough trail for El Guapo, but it was still fun…The last time I was on El Guapo was in 2007. I loved it so much I claimed it the the lookout at lower mudflaps, aka cardiac, down. I ran into Dave (liteandfast) as well as a few other mountain bikers down the trail. This vid is mostly our conversation about El Guapo and what a rad bike it is.Thank you Titus for an awesome day of riding. I love the company, I love the bikes. just might be looking for a sponsor soon, and a sweet Arizona bike manufacturer like Titus would be just right.

Titus Demo at Hawes

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2 thoughts on “Titus Demo Day at Hawes

  • Cool write up about the factory tour. I would love to take one. I heard about the demo from my road biking buddy who is friends with one of the team Chipotle-Titus racers.

    It sounded like is was a little under the radar. No major publicity. There were a lot of people there, and they had nearly the whole fleet out.

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