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Solid Gold

From Lost Goldmine to the Goldfields. The northwest passage has been scouted. Chollaball recounts the epic journey with the utmost detail in his post.

Our goal was to find singletrack (or doubletrack) from the Goldfields to Jacobs Crosscut trail. It’s the last piece of the puzzle that completes the East Mesa Epic (Hawes to Peralta). We met at the Cloudview lot and worked our way over to Lost Dutchman State Park. Work being the key word.

Lost Goldmine West is a tough, tough trail. Rideable, but so chunky and bouncy. It takes full concentration not to get bucked. Above is a sample of what you’ll find on LGW.

From LGW to Jacobs crosscut is a nightmare on a bike. Not steep enough to have to HAB, but not one smooth spot. All babyheads, all the way up, surrounded by wicked cactus and brush. A real adventure. I kind of enjoyed it in a sadistic sort of way…

After the wicked game of ping-pong the trail turns north and starts to flow.

Flow is better in some spots than others, but the views of the Superstition mountains is awe inspiring.

After exploring around looking for singletrack we headed back to Jacobs. Just before we made it to the Cloudview lot we met Kevin who was going to show us the local singletrack.

A sweet day to spend on the bike. You know it was a good ride when you have to stop multiple times to pull the cactus spines out of your tires, arms and legs. Viva desert riding.

Lost Goldmine to Goldfields

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  • Thanks for the comments Jordan. I’m glad that you like my site. Everytrail is very cool. I looked high and low for a really user-friendly mapping system and Everytrail was it.

    I use a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx to track all my rides, then I import them to Everytrail later. The iPhone app looks very cool and would use it if I had an iPhone…

    The website migration to an updated WordPress and theme is going well. There are still a few bugs and plenty of design issues I just can’t tackle right now. As long as the site works I’m happy.

  • hey man been a fan of your site for some time. i have you linked on my links page. just noticed you incorporated everytrail into your site. i was looking at it the other day, how do u like it? are you hitting start and putting the iphone in your bag or actually holding it while you ride? accurate?

    thanks and how was the website integration?


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