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New Year’s Day Kiddo Ride

New Year’s Day from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

The annual MTB ride with the kiddos at Usery Park. Even a five year old can ride this loop, if she is as awesome as my Gracie girl :) M rocks the trail too along with the cousins. Fortunately I was the only injury on this ride…


The one time in my life I wear sandals on a ride (it was a kiddie ride, could you blame me?) I run into a slew of cactus. Good thing my Keen’s are closed toed. Only a couple of spines made their way into my foot. Lucky me. Unlucky for my father-in-law who borrowed my bike for a quick spin on the kiddie loop and endoed hard. Right brake = back, left brake = front. I should have reviewed it with him… Heal up!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Kiddo Ride

  • The best loop for little kids is a loop out of Blevins and Noso. I’ll post up the Map here in a little bit so you can see it. There are only a few hills that my 6 year old had to walk, but they are short. The trail is wide too so risk of running into a cactus is minimal.

  • What loops did you ride? I am intereted for my little ones.

    Great work!

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