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Neighborhood Stroll

This afternoon for lunch I went on a little neighborhood ride…my goal was to only ride the secondary neighborhood streets and stay off the main roads. I managed to make a descent 25 mile ride that included some of the Queen Creek pathways.

Today was one of those rides that just felt good. It was fun to be on the bike. I could have hit the mountains but with a road bike at my beckon call I went for road. Crazy to think that I would ever choose road over MTB…I couldn’t resist a little dirt though and went ‘cross for a few hundred yards to get to a different subdivision…

I peg today’s ride as a conditioning ride to get myself ready for my 100 miles on the mountain bike. I’m at 38 miles so far with my Livestrong fund raising. A BIG thanks to all those who have donated. If you want to see me attempt 100 miles in one day, get donating to my Livestrong page! I need to see $500 before the weekend…

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