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Crack – BST – Clarks

Crack BST Clarks at EveryTrail

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I first heard about this loop reading CarboRocket’s very own Brad Keyes’ blog. He raved about it in this post and linked to another local rider’s blog, Rick Sunderlage (not his real name), who gets the credit for unofficially naming the sweet downhill section of trail, Crack Cocaine. It’s officially called something like Maple Hollow Downhill part of the Suncrest Loop, but Crack is definitely more fitting.

Even Fatty chimes in and gives his three cents worth on the trail (3 cents instead of 2, because Fatty always gives you more details than you would ever expect, in a good way of course).

I’d ridden Clark’s, I’d heard of BST, now it was time to find Crack and make the loop. With GPS in hand, and tracks thanks to Brad, I set out for my second ride of the day.

Sorry, not one picture throughout the downhill section…I was having too much fun to stop long enough to snap anything. Trails like this are where I am really happy to have the whole thing on video. Too bad there was no one with me, the solo video will have to do… Here’s one part, near the beginning of the down. (I’ve got all the footage over on VholdR)

This is a fantastic loop. I started near the top of Suncrest and found the trail shooting up off the sidewalk. Scrub Oak and tall grasslands invite you in, after a few miles of riding you hit the DH and are smiling all the way to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Then there is more XC, grazing deer, climbing and descending until Clarks. Climbing Clarks is sublime. Perfect pitch, on perfect trail. Corner Canyon is paradise. Thanks for sharing your backyard with me Brad.