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Interbike 2009

Interbike 2009 Showroom Floor

Random shots from Day one, on the showroom floor. My only day on the floor as I’ll be riding in Utah Thursday-Saturday…

My computer is giving me fits so I haven’t been able to upload much video from the Outdoor Demo. You’ll have to wait for that. We shot some sweet footage from the trail. Rode really sweet bikes. I’ll write up my first impressions a bit later. But bikes that really impressed me were the Pivot 429 and the Turner Sultan.

Titus ftm and the Pivot Mach 4 were my favorite 26 inchers. Can I help it that I’m sweet on Arizona bike companies?

Celebrity shot of the day. We rode with Tinker down Girl Scout on Day one of the demo. Well he rode fast with his team and we tried to follow. I kept up for a while but those riders are superfast, I have footage I’ll post soon.

From Interbike 2009 Showroom Floor

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  • Kevin Day

    I *really* liked the Sultan (Turner had an XXL frame just waiting for me to ride the first day). My only beef was that the bike felt a little bit slow compared to the Pivot 429 that I rode right before it – but I’ve never had so much giggly fun on a bike as taking the Sultan around Mother trail.

    I also liked the Pivot 429, but the XL just wasn’t quite big enough for me (the guys at Pivot were a bit incredulous, but hey, I’m 6’6″) – but even with a frame a tad too small, the 429 rode incredibly well. If they only made an XXL…

    I was less enthused by the SC Tallboy (XXL size, so it fit fine)- it may have just been setup (maybe the fork wasn’t set up quite right), but I never really found my groove with that bike. Sure was light and pretty to look at, though.

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