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Interbike 2009

Interbike 2009 Day Two

Day two of the Outdoor Demo is over. So sad to leave. Lessons learned from today:

* Watch your step stepping onto the flatbed, you just might slip… Ouch.

* The most technical line is navigating through the crowd on your bike. (Video coming soon)

* Waiting in line to meet Hans Rey takes too long, even if there is only one guy in front of you.

* Don’t walk off with pedals that are not your own…sorry Pivot. I’ll return them tomorrow.

* Don’t mistake a Brit for an Australian.

* Don’t ever call Jason Moeschler Jan Ullrich. He has three first places and more recently two seconds at Downieville. Sorry Jason. You RULE!

* Don’t use the word “biopace” talking to the Rotor Bike Components group. They don’t like that word.

* Hold your tongue when you want to tell the Nuun guys the have really nice jumpsuits. Sorry no pics.

* Don’t harass a 40 year old hitchhiker, when he tell you his mom is picking him up down the street.

* Never, under any circumstances ask a mountain biking unicyclist if he juggles too.

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