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Why I Should Be Special (ized)

iamspecial.gifWhat really makes me different from all the other applicants who are socially connected passionate riders like myself? Here’s what I bring to the table and why I am the right guy for the job:

I’m not one who generally brags about himself, but if my passion for mountain biking will earn me a spot on the Stumpjumper Trail Crew, then by all means, let me gloat…

1- Avid is not a descriptive enough word to describe me as a rider. Words like obsessed and addicted are a better fit. Just ask my wife. I’ve been riding bikes my whole life. The plan is to keep riding…

2- In June 2006 I founded to channel my passion for riding. Since then I have been blogging, trail mapping and reviewing gear for the pure thrill of it. Comments from my readers about the usefulness of the site fuel me to continue developing it as Arizona’s best trail resource.

3- I am socially connected. I blog, Facebook and Twitter. I also map trails at EveryTrail and Google Maps.

4- I use YouTube, Vimeo, Picasa and Delicious. I just can’t help but share my love for the trail through video, photos, and links.

5- I offer you Arizona…the harsh terrain will push the Stumpjumper to its limits. With year-round riding you can guarantee Stumpy will not sit in a garage all winter long. In fact it will never, ever, sit in the garage. Period.

6- I love Specialized already. We won’t have that awkward getting to know each other phase in our relationship.

7- I love to tell a good story. Just peruse the blog for tales from the trail. Some of my favorites: Highline, Desert Wonderland, Reflection, and Cabin Fever.

Good luck making your decision. I don’t envy you. I’ve read through a lot of the apps and we mountain bikers are sure a passionate group. See you at Interbike.

One thought on “Why I Should Be Special (ized)

  • You could also point out that your rss feed had made you the #2 rider on one of my sites. Has helped make Trek the #2 bike on the site, has helped make GT #5, has made Team ‘Fatty Austin’ #2.

    Hey, I know you don’t like being 2, but what do you expect? I’m the web master. Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind someone passing me up but I still input the most to it. Mostly a few riders input their rides, plus rss feeds from other bloggers.

    Tell Specialized if they give us BOTH bikes, they will shoot to #1 in no time flat! :)

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