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Good ‘ol Hawes

Hawes Trail at EveryTrail

I went on a super fun ride out at Hawes this morning. My first day on singletrack in 15 days… I took it easy this morning – rehabbing a rolled ankle. I will never play football again… I will never play football again…

This morning’s ride was all about loving the ride. I didn’t plan on any specific route, I left it up to whims at each junction. I ended up riding the exact loop I did my first time riding Hawes years ago “plus a wee bit more that be nay thar aft then” (read in your best pirate voice).

Riding Hawes always puts my love of the bike into perspective. Today I could see myself still on the bike at 70 years old. I want to be an old man that still shreds.

2 thoughts on “Good ‘ol Hawes

  • At least at 70 I’ll still be able to ride the switchbacks at Hawes…unlike a certain twenty nine year old I know.

  • I’m glad you see yourself on a bike at 70 since you’re almost there???

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