Helipad TT is On

Or should I say Up? Ever since I came across the Clarks TT up in Utah I’d been thinking about putting together a little grassroots time trial here in Phoenix. Then I was reading the MTBR forum where a few others were kicking around ideas for the same kind of underground races. I got a little more motivation to do something.

After riding with UtRider and KanyonKris a few weeks back (both involved in setting up Clarks TT), I decided to make the Helipad TT official. So I put up the blog, threw some instructions together and gave the climb a go.

I’ve ridden Helipad quite a few times, but never in one concerted effort focused on speed. It was a totally new experience. Lungs burning, legs building up acid, a whole new kind of pain. Crossing the finish line all I could do was hit the stop button on my timer and collapse. A couple of minutes later (after I could think about something besides breathing and not puking…) I looked at my time. Six minutes, fifty-seven seconds. My first thought… crap, now I’ve got to shave a minute off that, that’s gonna hurt.

Today, the first group of riders submitted their times…latedropbob, abcnorte and greffster (mtbr names). Late Drop Bob posted a sweet ride report to his blog. Props to the first three downhillers for shedding the armor ans shredding up Helipad.

Here’s a call to all climbers, cross country, all mountain and downhillers (roadies won’t be able to hack it, hee hee): Ride the Helipad TT. Claim bragging rights as the fastest climber (or at least faster than your buddies). The #1 spot is wide open. Hurry before it heats up.

For all the details, instructions and maps. visit: http://helipadtt.blogspot.com