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AZ Meets UT

I met up with UtRider and Kanyon Kris yesterday for a little spin on Desert Classic. I’d never met these guys before but since I read their blogs religiously, it was like seeing some old friends. They came to AZ for a winter reprieve, and that’s exactly what Arizona is giving them.

An hour after Kris’ flight hit the ground, and less than two miles into DC, Kris decided he should hit the ground too. Kris not only hit the dirt hard, he actually bounced. Luckily he didn’t break anything and got right back up. Mark tells the story in his latest post, and Kris gives his personal account too.

We rode just passed the junction with Goat, down that last sweet section of rock before DC fizzles out to Telegraph, then backtracked to Helipad. As always the Helipad climb was sweet. The Helipad TT looks like it might become official soon.

For a couple of ski bums off their bikes all winter they sure pushed hard on the trail. Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys. Now if I can only get to Utah soon, you can show me around your backyard.

mark climbing helipad

kris on DC-secret

3 thoughts on “AZ Meets UT

  • Dave, Thanks for your interest in the Helipad TT. Sorry I’m late responding…I was out of town for a while…

    I’m still toying with the details for the time trial, I’ll be posting everything to the blog soon (and getting comments to work), but I’ll take your input. Right now I’ve got it starting at the saddle after the first big climb out of the wash from DC. This way DC-ers and Ray Roaders can both hit it running without backtracking. It ends when you cross the threshold of the helipad.

    I’ll be posting a Google Map on the blog. What do you think? Should it be longer, including the drop from DC and first big climb?

  • OK, so call me whatever (especially since I’m riding for ‘not last’) but what are the start and end points for the Helipad TT?

    (oh, and the comments over there weren’t working for me)



  • Thanks again for taking the time to ride with us. Helipad was awesome and I can’t wait to show it to my brother on a future trip. Speaking of which, next time we need to meet up for either FINS or Lost Goldmine (if not both) as well as a properly executed Bypass (the # of passes is TBD!) ride.

    Let me know when you’ll be in UT for your Clarks TT run and Tour of Draper.

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