Supe for Lunch

Sup for Lunch

My first official lunch ride of winter. I recommend the Supes. Today it was the perfect temperature, low 80s. It could have been a bit cooler, but those days will be here soon enough. No one to dine with today, everyone else had to work through lunch…I guess I’m a lucky boy, I get to eat lunch whenever and wherever I want.

The converted Avalanche singlespeed was great fun riding today. I climbed up the Lost Goldmine MTB loop to the LG proper trail junction. Sat down on the rocks and ate some PowerBar Gel, GU Rocktane and Jelly Belly Sport Beans (from my Interbike stash), sipped on some watered down Gatorade (I really need a new sport drink), and soaked in the views.

The MTB loop of Lost Goldmine is a really fun trail. The primitive singletrack twists and turns in and out of washes like a roller coaster. It’s a little tough to keep speed up, but it is great for practicing cornering or testing out a new front tire. My Maxxis Crossmarks do an excellent job rolling, and a fine job cornering. I’d like to try some new tires out though. Maybe the WTB Wolverine. I’ve heard really good things about that tire for Arizona desert conditions.