Armstrong at CrossVegas

From Lance Armstrong at CrossVegas

Went to my first clyclocross race last night. I have to say it was awesome. Even if Lance Armstrong wasn’t racing, it would have been a very cool sport to watch. Those dudes ride so fast, even on 3 inches of grass!

So I know now how it feels to be paparazzi. I pretty much stalked Lance last night (along with a few thousand other people). With so many course laps I shot some nice footage. I’m now back at the Sands waiting for the press conference at 9 this morning.

Cyclefilm highlight reel. As Lance exits at the end of the vid, he rides right by me and you can see me for a split second.

Lance Armstrong Returns – Las Vegas Cyclocross from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.

Butch at shot awesome footage of the cyclocross. Check it out. He also shot Lance at the Leadville, and Snowmass.