Interbike Outdoor Demo 2008: Day Two

The Outdoor Demo should last longer than two days. Now I’m not complaining or anything…but two days is not enough to ride even a small fraction of the bikes. Today I rode a couple of singlespeeds in the morning while the trails were empty and my legs were fresh. The Haro Beasley SS with Mary bars, and a Spot Brand Belt Drive. Both fun bikes, but one shined just a little brighter than the other.

Then we headed up the mountain with a Giant Trance and the Titus El Guapo. The shuttle broke down halfway up the mountain, we had to hop on the second shuttle coming down. We knew with only one shuttle running the lines woould be long, so we took our time on the Caldera loop. Caldera is awesone fast XC singletrack. The Trance handled perfect on Caldera.

The last ride of the day was on an RIP Niner. What a sweet bike. I demoed a VholdR helmet cam with this bike and took her down Girl Scout. More fun than I can explain on this big wheel. I got some sweet air of my favorite jump then a couple of turns and a dozen ghost shifts later I realized I literally lost the entire chain on the jump. I rode my buddies Diamond Back Sortie up to the jump and found the chain on the trail.

A great day today. Thanks again to GU and Power Bar for keeping us hydrated and fueled. Tomorrow is the first day on the showroom floor at the Sands.