Interbike Outdoor Demo 2008: Day One

Day one at the Outdoor Demo was amazing. Here’s a few of the photos of the day. I’ll be posting reviews of the bikes we rode later. For now, I can’t decide which bike I fell in love with more today, the Pivot Mach 5 or the redesigned Santa Cruz Nomad. I got the most saddle time on the Pivot, I couldn’t let it go. It was fast, responsive, plush but not gushy. The geometry fit me perfect.

The Nomad was pure fun on a bike. We also rode the Cannondale Moto Carbon 2, Turner 5 Spot, Marin Trail, Ellsworth Evolve, Kona Dawg Delux. We hit the XC trails from the top, Skyline, Boy Scout, Girl Scout and East Leg. We ventured in to a DH trail down the face and saw some amazing riders. We walked a couple tech spots over our heads, but had a blast riding burly singletrack.

More to come tomorrow. Fatty will be at the Outdoor Demo, maybe I can score a shirt.

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