Arizona Mountain Biking

Gold Rush


The Superstition Mountains have eluded mountain bikers for years and will most likely keep on eluding for years to come. There is, however, a gem of a trail that skirts the boundary, giving mountain bikers a taste of that forbidden wilderness. After 8 years in the valley I finally found Lost Goldmine.

I arrived at the trailhead on Cloudview early, clipped in and headed toward the rising sun. With six miles of fresh trail before me I was ready for everything the mountain could give me.

The trail gave me ups, it gave me downs, though not a sustained amount of either. It gave me smooth it gave me rough. In a word, the singletrack was amazing. It was tight and twisty with just enough tech to keep me focused. There were even a few rock garden stretches that bucked me off my steed.

The views of the Superstition Mountains were incredible. The wildflowers were like golden walls hedging the trail. My legs turned yellow from the pollen.

I rode to the Peralta trailhead then back completing a 12 mile out-n-back. There is more climbing out to Peralta, so coming back flowed a little faster and tasted a bit sweeter.

I recommend Lost Goldmine to every Valley rider. Search for gold, come back with a grin.

Lost Goldmine

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