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Review: Titus El Guapo

My first demo at Bootleg Canyon was on the Titus El Guapo. As an XC rider, hopping on a 6 inch travel bike felt like sitting on a freeride. But as soon as I start pedaling uphill it felt like I was riding XC. The geometry and I got along perfect. I’m 5’11” and rode the medium frame. I spun the El Guapo around the XC loops a couple of times and got a few good climbs in along with plenty of jumps and drops.

With so many riders out on the standard demo trails 1-4, it felt like a race…so I stepped up the pace and didn’t let many people pass me while riding El Guapo. There is always the singlespeeder that just blasts on by. They come out of nowhere, and then they fly by and out of sight. Impressive.

I didn’t get to take the El Guapo on any of the more techy XC trails — Boy Scout, Skyline, the East or West Legs or any of the downhill trails. But I am sure it would have handled well on the XC downhills. Spending more time climbing on El Guapo than going down, and still loving the ride, is a testament to the climbing abilities and comfort of the bike. When I make the jump to a bigger travel bike, El Guapo is on the short list.

I have nothing but praise for the El Guapo. Truly a handsome and sweet ride. I’ll demo El Guapo again on the home turf in Phoenix later this year. The Titus guys said they’d give me a tour of the production line and I think I’ll take them up on it.

2008 Titus Demo Tour

The Legend of El Guapo Continues…

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Titus El Guapo

Titus El Guapo

Titus El Guapo