Arizona Mountain Biking
Interbike 2007

Interbike Outdoor Demo – Day One

Bootleg Canyon Interbike Outdoor Demo

Today was an awesome day. All bikes, all day. I got to the Outdoor Demo around noon and went right for my home state bike company, Titus Bikes. I’ve wanted to ride the El Guapo for a long time. One word for El Guapo. Dulce. The infamous El Guapo is a sweet ride. For a six inch travel rig it sure can climb.

I also took a spin on an Ellsworth Truth, Gary Fisher Hi-Fi 29er, and Trek 69er. What a day. I’ll post reviews of the bikes later. The XC trails are perfect for testing out bikes. Trail #3 and #4 are the most fun. Here are a few shots from Bootleg.