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South Mountain, Phoenix: GPS Mapped

South Mountain Google Earth Mapped

South Mountain GPS MappedDave Wissenbach, a GPS and mountain bike enthusiast, has labored diligently to map many of the South MountainGoogle Earth File.  You must have Google Earth installed for this link to work.  trails. You can download his GPX file from his South Mountain website as well as view details and photos of the trails.

I’ve taken Dave’s GPX file and loaded it into Google Earth, creating the ultimate South Mountain GPS trail guide. Although the GPS tracks don’t always align with the view in Google Earth, it’s close enough to follow the trail. Also included are waypoints marking trailheads and other interesting South Mountain info. Have fun with this!

Trails included: Pima Canyon, Mormon Loop, National, Hidden Valley (Fat Man’s Pass) Desert Classic, Corona Loma, Telegraph, Ridgeline, Javelina, Beverly Canyon, South Ridge, San Juan Road, Warpaint, Geronimo, Scout Camp and Holbert.

Dale Wiggins’ Topo of South Mountain is even more descriptive and includes Alta, Mine Drop, Ranger, Los Lomilitas, Kiwanis, Old Man, Secret, Goat, Helipad, and the Pima East Loop.

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