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AZT- Cabin Loop Elevation
Elevation profile from AZT trailhead up the rim clockwise Fred Haught, Houston brothers, Rim Road, back down the rim.

Read Cabin Fever for my May 16, 2009 ride report.

The Cabin Loop is a series of trails up on the Mogollon Rim that connect a handful of historic cabins. The system is located north of FR 300 and stretches to just south of Blue Ridge Reservoir. Fred Haught, Houston Brothers, U-bar, Barbershop, and your choice of the General Crook trail or the Rim Road 300 complete the loop system. There are seasonal watering holes throughout the loop. I recommend bringing a water filter to stay hydrated all day long.

Getting there: Getting to a trailhead will be an adventure in itself. There is no easy access point for quick drop offs or shuttles. This remoteness contributes to the fact that not many mountain bikers get here to ride this lush singletrack.

General Springs Cabin – Route 87 to FR 300. Stay on Rim Road for about 12 miles. Park Just East of the AZ Trail sign and ride north a half mile to the Cabin.

Pinchot Cabin – Route 87 north to FR 95. (Way up there past Clints Well). Take the 95 for about 11 miles and turn left on FR 139A.

Washington Park – The Arizona Trail trailhead. Houston Mesa Road to the Control Road. Follow signs to Washington Park. This is the closest trailhead to Payson but still requires a nice drive on forest roads. Word is that this section of the AZT was burned out in the fire. I’m not sure how rideable it is anymore. I’ll find out this spring.

How to ride the loops: There are a few loop options. Mix and match the trails at your leisure. From the rim northward will generally be downhill, and from the Pinchot cabin to the rim will be a steady climb. I think the ride I did in Cabin Fever would be great in reverse, going ccw. FR300 to HB, to Fred Haught and back to General Springs and the 300.

From FR 300

From Washington Park Arizona Trail Trailhead

My favorite Section: Half Houston Bros. Out-n-Back

Resources: Visit for a Super-Guide to hiking the Cabin Loop on the Mogollon Rim. Includes GPS tracks and other info.

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