Away too long

June 10, 2012

OK. Now that you all know San Tan is Dynamite… we can move on. Apologies for the post drought. Work, family, sleep, and too many road rides have put a damper on my relationship with the mountain. Now that 12 of my last 15 rides have been on the road…I know there is something is […]

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San Tan is Dynamite

April 15, 2012

The new trail out at San Tan park is Dynamite. The Goldmine TH off Wagon Wheel and Skyline has been worthless to mountain bikers for years. The only way into the park was a horrendous Hike-a-bike I called the rite of passage. I’d tried to ride it plenty of times, but it was a wicked […]

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Tour de Cure 2012 Report

April 1, 2012

UPDATE: I am gearing up for the 100 mile 2013 Tour de Cure course! Support the cause with a donation here. The Tour de Cure 2012 in Phoenix last week was pretty amazing. I’ve summed up my experience in numbers below. Special thanks to my family and friends who donated: Manning Group, Beehive Property Management, […]

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BCT Little Pan Double Tech

March 25, 2012

I heard about the new tech loop on Little Pan from Dale on the mtbr forum. Whenever I hear about a new trail, I fixate on it until I can find a time to ride it… and Tuesday afternoon I made the hour long pilgrimage out to the Table Mesa traihead to explore new to […]

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Sunset n Snow

March 25, 2012

The views from Hawes were fantastic on Monday evening. After all the valley rains on Sunday, the mountains were white with snow. I think I spent more time taking pictures than actually riding… Random guy riding. If I’m taking pics and someone rides by, I snap a shot. Three of my favorite things…Barq’s, Burgers, and […]

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Tommy Boy

March 15, 2012

Wednesday afternoon, where to ride…PMP? SoMo? Gold Canyon? It was Tom’s Thumb that beckoned me from miles away. Did I really want to climb, and climb, and then climb some more? Yes.

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A Few Good Rides

February 28, 2012

The past few weeks I’ve got out to Gold Canyon and Pass Mountain. My goal on Gold Canyon was to re-explore the Fenceline trail and then give the strava segments my best effort. It made for a real fun ride. The Fenceline trail. I used to ride this years ago when it was even less […]

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AES Tor de 50

February 21, 2012

This is my ride report from the Tor de 50 a week and a half ago…it’s old news by now. I’m sure by now you’re reading up on all the Old Pueblo reports rolling in. FAIR WARNING: This is a long post. It was a long ride. The pics are at the end. I won’t […]

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Cirque de SoMo

February 7, 2012

I needed a long ride. My last ditch effort to prepare for the AES Tor de 50 this Saturday. Good thing I took the bike out for a beatdown. I blew a tire at four miles in and broke a spoke at 6 miles in. A slime tube took care of the tire, I’d just […]

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K-Trail Tech Loop

February 1, 2012

All you have to do is follow the white dots and you can clean every tech move on the tech loop. I rode on Saturday with my brother in law and he said: “This is the funnest trail I have ever ridden.” And he’s ridden quite a bit of trail with me here in AZ. […]

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