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South Mountain

Away too long

June 10, 2012

OK. Now that you all know San Tan is Dynamite… we can move on. Apologies for the post drought. Work, family, sleep, and too many road rides have put a damper on my relationship with the mountain. Now that 12 of my last 15 rides have been on the road…I know there is something is […]

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Cirque de SoMo

February 7, 2012

I needed a long ride. My last ditch effort to prepare for the AES Tor de 50 this Saturday. Good thing I took the bike out for a beatdown. I blew a tire at four miles in and broke a spoke at 6 miles in. A slime tube took care of the tire, I’d just […]

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Helipad TT on Strava

January 21, 2012

About 3 years ago I started up the Helipad TT to keep track of the fastest times up Helipad at South Mountain. GPS wasn’t as wide spread, mapping applications were still in their early years…well now we have Strava. All you have to do is ride fast with your GPS (or the Strava App) upload […]

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Christmas Lights

December 25, 2011

Wishing all my readers a Happy Holiday season. May your tires see plenty of dirt in the coming year.

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I Need a Little Time

March 24, 2011

Five of my last seven rides were on the ROAD. Mind you, I love being on two wheels, skinny or FAT, but I get the most joy on singletrack, in the mountains, away from it all. Wednesday was my only shot this week to stretch my mountain legs after all that road riding. My choice […]

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24th Street Climbing

November 18, 2010

About three weeks ago I grabbed lunch at Rubio’s on 24th Street and Baseline. Instead of eating inside the restaurant I thought it would be fun to eat out at the Mormon trailhead, just a mile away. As two fish tacos were filling my tummy at the trailhead bench, memories of past rides up Mormon […]

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No Longer Spineless

October 23, 2010

I knew rain was in the forecast but it didn’t matter. I was riding Wednesday afternoon. My first and only chance this week to get out and smell winter in Phoenix. I met an out-of-stater in the 46th street lot and we set off together to climb National to the waterfall. It was a good […]

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Holbert: Proof of Life

August 30, 2010

If you want to know that you are really alive, a living, breathing mortal, ride your bike down Holbert. Every rock, every boulder, every foot of chunky descent will remind you that you are indeed human, balancing ever so delicately on the mortal divide known as a trail. I set out on Saturday morning to […]

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Early Morning National

July 27, 2010

National at EveryTrail East Loop >> Beverly >> Javelina >> Mormon >> National >> Rest at the Saddle >> National >> Pima >> Chocolate Milk. Great morning to be out. Ran into Harry doing repeats on Javelina. Good to see a friend sweating as much as me at 6 AM. Got chased by a giant […]

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Northwest Passage

April 25, 2010

Western South Mountain Perimeter Map your trip with EveryTrail I dreamed this loop up after reading about this VOAZ built trail skirting the northwest boundary of South Mountain from the End of San Juan road to 35th Ave. The plan was to find more trail East of 35th Ave that hooks up to the main […]

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