K-Trail Tech Loop

All you have to do is follow the white dots and you can clean every tech move on the tech loop. I rode on Saturday with my brother in law and he said: “This is the funnest trail I have ever ridden.” And he’s ridden quite a bit of trail with me here in AZ. (I’ll agree it’s FUN, but he hasn’t ridden Gooseberry Mesa yet).

This was my third time through the Tech Loop out on K-trail in Gold Canyon, and I finally cleaned everything I saw. The trail gets better and better the more you ride it, learn it and clean it. I heard there is now a 4 foot drop out there to try…

One thought on “K-Trail Tech Loop

  • February 20, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    These trails are awesome. Best ride I’ve done all winter.good single track with enough tech to keep things exciting. Rode lost the west end of lost goldmine to k-trail then, went up vortex and back to the truck. Very fun 10 miles and not a lot of people once you get off lost goldmine.

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