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This Is A Boy Whose Name is Mike

Where can you get in 32 runs, 120 miles (including lifts), an Everest equivalent of vertical, more berms than you can count, all the while while absorbing the priceless silence of air time as you contemplate the vivid reality of gravity? In three days time?

Whistler, BC.

I am one of the lucky ones. My wife planned this trip for me with the help of my two college MTB buddies. She tucked money away without me knowing and surprised me for my 40th. Seriously, who does that? Yup, my wife. She photoshopped a few pages from Mike and the Bike into a book that surprised me with the trip.

off to whistler he'll go...

My gravity steed for the mountain. The Kona Supreme Operator. I loved it. Once I tweaked the suspension and got used to the geometry, I felt right at home pointing it downhill and letting her cut through the roots and rock like buttah.

All smiles getting ready for our first run on Day One…

A-line had to be the funnest run on the mountain – for flow, berms, speed and air. From the top, it was Freight Train, Dirt Merchant, A-line. For tech I got a real kick out of In Deep, Goats Gully and Original Sin. I’ll post some vids soon.

All smiles after the last run on Day 3…

Three Days at Whistler at EveryTrail

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  • Nice photos, 3 days I bet you were stoked. I got to ride downhill for the first time this year at Northstar in Tahoe. So fun. Lets see some more pics!

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