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Visiting Rider Raves Over BCT

Bob, a rider from New Hampshire, posted a comment under the Black Canyon Trail page after riding it yesterday. His comments exemplify a common sentiment after riding BCT for the first time…Sweetness. I just had to post some excerpts:

This is among the finest trails anywhere I’ve ridden, and I’ve been on quite a few around the country (from Santa Barbara, Sierra Nevada (incl. Downieville, Tahoe, Hole-in-the-Ground, Moab, Sedona, National, New Hampshire, Vermont, Guanajuato, all of which I love, but BCT is up there with my top 2 or 3…..)

Thank you so much IMBA and local trailbuilders – it boggles my mind thinking how much time went into this, and how did all those people get together for so long?!

My GPS logged 4 hours of movement time, 2 hours of pause time. About 3100 ft. of climbing total. This is an incredibly gorgeous place, and relatively wild – following a river through the desert mountains and canyon, and after 3 daze of thrashing around National Trail, what a sweet, barely technical, perfectly built to IMBA specs trail! I’ve met so many great folks riding here, and this website is the best I’ve seen. Thank you Arizona – I shall return as often as possible!

Thanks for visiting Bob. Arizona will welcome you again with open sun.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Rider Raves Over BCT

  • Lenz guy

    I totally agree. I tood a trip with some friends to Moab last year for the first time, this after 5 years of riding mostly in the phx area but some up north and Tuscon. After riding two of the most acclaimed trails there, I realized they werent that much better than what I ride on a regular basis! We are blessed for sure to have our wonderful trails here. Theres not much better out there.

  • Here’s some ROAD for you. Recognize this turn? Enlarge it, print it and hang it in front of your trainer.


  • I’d give anything for an Arizona road. Heck, I’d even take Arizona dirt right now!!!

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