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BCT First Ride

Black Canyon Trail in May at EveryTrail

I finally got out to Ride the BCT. Only a small portion of it, but it was pure BCT fun. Fast and flowy singletrack galore. The urban legends are true, Black Canyon Trail is possibly the best hand crafted singletrack in the state. I cannot wait to get out and ride more of the segments. Eventually I hope to do a BCT Monstercross… Fall cannot come soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ll be hitting up the Mogollon Rim this summer and maybe even venture up to Flagstaff…it’s been almost a decade since I rode in the pines on Elden.

This is the only video I got of the ride. The rest of the video I recorded magically disappeared from the SD Card…#fail. Including the awesome full speed wheelie into the river crossing almost faceplant in the river footage…would have been good.

5 thoughts on “BCT First Ride

  • The only ride I’ve done on the BCT is the one here. It is a 4 hour out n back. From Central PHX just hop on the 17 North to Flagstaff. Take exit 242 (Black Canyon City and Rock Springs), turn west (left), proceed to stop sign, turn north (right) on the frontage road, drive about 300 ft to the first road on the left, Warner Rd, and turn left. Drive about 1300 ft to the first cross road, turn right and proceed to the parking area on the right near the end of the road, about 400 ft.

    Have fun.

  • Hey nice review again. I was wondering, what is the best loop for a solo rider with 3-4 hours time and how do I get to the trail head from central phoenix? I am coming to Scottsdale on business next week and it looks like THUR I will have an open day and would like to get in some BCT fun! Any guidance would be great!



  • So it looks like you did Rock Springs to Little Pan n back. That is my favorite route by far. Of course I have not ridden any other portions except around little pan loop clockwise(I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DIRECTION!). Only go counterclockwise and you will get payed. BCT is the best little gem in Phoenix. Brian

  • I cant wait to explore more of this system. We sure are spoiled here in AZ…

  • FYI – the Spring Fling BCT ride this past year headed *North* from Black Canyon City – it doesn’t have the exceptional climbing (or the stream crossings), but it is almost as fun as the section you rode (you can find the route in my ET profile). If the water is high, the North branch is definitely worth a ride. To have this kind of riding less than an hour from anywhere in Phoenix should be illicit, illegal or both. Man, are we spoiled.

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