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Updating WordPress and Theme

wordpressI’ll be updating the blog and toying with a new theme over the next week…mostly during late night hours so you should still be able to access all the trails, but the design may be going in and out of snyc. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Updating WordPress and Theme

  • Thanks Maadj. This new format is still bare bones. I’ve got a lot of tweaking to do to get it to do what I want. But this theme (Thesis) is totally customizable so it should be easy.

    Making the switch is a good thing long term. Finding the right theme and tweaking it is the time consuming part… takes some html and css skills but not a lot. Blogger is definitely easier. You should start by getting a domain name and forwarding your blogger domain there – then start looking at themes.

    I can tell you more and help you out when you decide to go for it.

  • Hey bud…..what were you using before….I liked your old format…not to say that I won’t like your new format….just some blog geek questions. I’m contemplating the switch from blogger to wordpress but have not had the time to put into the transition…..blah, blah, blah.


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