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DNA Specialized Demo, Pass Mountain

It was a beautiful morning for a DNA Specialized demo ride. I took out the Specialized Epic Marathon 29er for my first pass at Pass Mountain. I’ve always wanted to feel that trail with 29 inched under me…and wow. It was way better than I expected (and I expected a lot).

The Epic 29er climbs like a chairlift. Seriously. By the time I got to the saddle I was still fresh and thinking to myself, that was surely the easiest climb I’ve ever had on this trail. (more on the Epic later… and more on the Stupmy 29er too)

Along the way I picked up two of my MTBR buddies, Dave and Tim – both sporting Turners – a Sultan and and RFX. I shot some footage behind them the whole way down. Here are a couple cool clips. Thanks guys for turning my solo ride into an awesome group ride.

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