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Shooting Mike C.

Cactus photo by Mike C. – Photo of Mike C. taking the photo of the cactus by Mike M.

Earlier this week I was looking through some old pics of rides and came across the ones from the MTBR Goat Camp Loop back in December last year. What a great ride. We Phonecians were lucky that mikesee was in town on an AZTour and he drove up from Tucson to ride with us.

Mike just announced that he didn’t make the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame this year. Bummer. Mike is a stud on all accounts.

Mike takes really, really, really, good photos. The shot above is classic Curiak. (I pulled it from the trip report on his blog). I happened to snap a shot of the guys resting up with Mike in the background taking a close-up of a cactus. Pretty cool to see the shot that he took within seconds of me taking mine.

If your not hooked on following the adventures of Mike Curiak, visit his blog. Be ready to spend a few hours soaking in the scenery…