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Pass Mountain: #300,000 on Everytrail

I worked some internet magic last night on Everytrail. I saw they were getting close to trail ID number 300,000…so estimated how long it would take before I needed to get vigilant, then I started uploading past trips to see if I could nail the 300,000th trip. I’m proud to announce that Pass Mountain is number 300,000. Not that anyone cares except me. You see Pass Mountain is my favorite ride in the Valley.

Pass Mountain

Widget powered by EveryTrail: Share GPS Tracks

The last few months I’ve been using various online GPS mapping applications looking for the ONE that would suite my needs, and Everytrail is looking more and more like it fits the bill. I started with Motionbased, but their lack of social media apps and embedding features turned me off. Garmin Connect shows some promise but it’s not fully functional yet and they won’t support my GPS unit Garmin 60CSx until the fall. I tried MapMyRide but it was just too cluttered

There are a few others out there too, but Everytrail really pulled me in with ease of use, the clean mapping layout, their support of social media outlets and now that they support Picasa imports…they have won me over.

If you want to follow me around on Everytrail, subscribe to my Everytrail RSS feed. It’ll ping you when I’ve uploaded a new ride, past or present. I don’t usually post all my rides here on the blog, but I’ll surely post most of them on Everytrail…